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Blessed Bee Healing Salve

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Looking for ways to save bees but not ok with the space suit and stings? Not to worry!  You can make a huge impact in our mission with your support.  

- Use hashtags like #savethebees in your social media

- Download or email our "Save the Bees" info sheet for weary neighbors or others who need convincing

- Sponsor a hive through equipment or monetary pledges

- Refer customers and become automatically enrolled in our Hub 

- Enroll in a monthly pledge that saves bees from extermination

- Purchase our medicinal herbal products that directly supports equipment costs (new homes for bees)


Blessed Bee Healing Salve


Blessed Bee Healing Salve


My favorite product yet! A skin salve that can be used anywhere externally on the body.  Smoother in texture than typical salves, application and absorption of oil and medicine are quick and easy.  Infused with healing plant allies: Yarrow, Calendula, St Johns Wort and Echinacea (all organic and some locally grown in Orange County).

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