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Rescue and Relocation Services for Orange County

Call or text to 949.342.5084 to schedule a rescue and removal of a hive. EDIT - I am currently on maternity leave but will do my best to find a replacement beekeeper for you!!

Instead of calling an exterminator, consider using our services to rescue and remove the honeybees in your space.  Rescue and relocation ensures that the valuable hives in our communities continue to thrive and support our ecosystems.  Harmful pesticides and killing bees further damages our environment and decreases population size.

Why is this important?

Honeybees are in essence, the most effective pollinator for fruits and vegetables.  Originally from Europe, Honeybees were brought here to increase farm yields and feed a growing nation.  Today, they are responsible for pollinating 1/3 of the food we consume...1 in 3 bites of food was made possible by a Honeybee!  Honeybees are moved throughout the country to pollinate your favorite crops: almonds, fruits, cut flowers to name a few.

The decision to save bees supports the movement to ensure their survival.  As a population, their numbers are reduced every year due to a combination of harmful factors: disease, pesticides, habitat loss, pests and more.  Saving our local Honeybees is the best action we can take in our communities to combat their loss overall.

In a rescue and relocation, our team will arrive and inspect the hive.  An estimate of cost will be given and work may begin immediately if permitting.  Comb and bees will be carefully removed without the use of chemicals and pesticides, placed in new bee boxes and moved to a farm or host home.

What kind of hive do you have?

Established - these hives have been here longer than a week and you may see comb formed.  They could be in trees, on eves of your roof, bushes, birdhouses and more.  You may not have noticed their presence until the trafficking in and out of the hive was obvious.  Hives in this state have a queen, female workers, male drones, egg and brood (baby bees), pollen and nectar storage.  Established hives take more time to rescue as the comb needs to be carefully removed.

Swarm - a newly arrived mass of bees varying in size from a tennis ball to a very large cluster.  They will be hanging mostly in safe locations but anything is fair game (including cars!) Hives in this state have a queen, female workers, potentially some drones.  They are resting in this location as scout bees look for a suitable new home.  Swarms typically stay 1 - 5 days depending on the size, weather and new home availability.   These are the easiest hives to rescue as there is no comb to remove.

Call or text to 949.342.5084 to schedule a rescue and removal of a hive.