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About our Founder


My love for Honeybees was only a recent discovery in my life.  Six years ago while working at the River School Farm in Reno, NV my boss and mentor shared the magic of bees with me and I have been hooked ever since.  However, as this journey continues to unfold in loving and supporting Honeybees, I find that this mission is deep rooted.  My ancestral and cultural lineages have highly revered bees and I look back at many events in my life where bees were calling to me.  

My vision is a community where beekeepers are in support of one another and information is exchanged freely.  Where communities know who to call to safely remove a bee hive and rescue from extermination.  A revitalization of this ancient practice that flows naturally as we return to the land and farming.  Fun and engaging opportunities for children to learn of their importance and grow up loving Honeybees rather than fearing them.  

I know all of this is possible and I call on you to join in the movement.

- Anna Maria 

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