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Why an Apprenticeship?

Anna Maria

For the past 6 years I have immersed my life in agriculture, permaculture, apiculture and herbalism.  Changing paths from medical school and strict science to regenerative systems and the Earth has opened my life in ways I never thought possible.  I find myself now facilitating healing through growing food, making medicine and working with bees.  The impact I have seen in not just my life but the lives of others is profound...true healing, sustenance and connection.

In all of this discovery about myself, Gaia, the environment, food and ecology one thing has become very clear: Im not to do this job alone.  You see, saving honeybees, or making medicine from plants or growing the food I eat are not skills for me to hoard or keep secret.  These practices and techniques are actually a way of remembering who we really are; we are animals who live in rhythm with our surroundings and nature.  We are meant to be living with the seasons in mind, with a diet full of color, with plants as our allies and other animals as our brothers and sisters. The work I am committed to is not meant for me to carry alone, but to share with others.

Thus, the launch of my first apprenticeship in bee guardianship.  Why bee guardianship and not bee keeping? Well, part of the work I am committed to, when it comes to bees, is to unpack this relationship we've created with them and restore it one of balance, respect and harmony.  Humans have worked with and idolized bees for thousands of years, knowing their incredible importance and gifts they share with all plants and organisms.  Yet, with time and industrialization we have also shifted that once deep reverence for bees to a perspective of keeping and management.  Bees are nature and nature is beyond our control...yet we find ourselves in a fragile situation, knowing we depend on bees for pollination of our food yet failing in the way we keep them.

My goal is to share what the bees have taught me and pass this knowledge on to others.  I envision students taking what they have learned and rallying their communities.  Those communities then joining the network of support I continue to build.   There is plenty of work to be done and I am of the mindset of abundance and resiliency instead of scarcity and status quo.

If you are feeling called to work with bees, please consider joining my apprenticeship.  I promise that the call should be taken seriously and the gifts are far greater than you could imagine.  Otherwise, follow along my journey through the website and IG.  In witnessing others we learn and expose our hearts and minds to things we never thought possible.  Ive dedicated my life to bees and I'm thrilled to share it with you.

Anna Maria (Bee)

IG - @beekeepingypsy