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The first of two sessions of the Bee Guardians Apprenticeship for 2019 will be held March, April, May.

We will meet for 5 sessions (see list of dates below!)  Each session will include classroom learning, and time spent suited up inspecting hives. Each month you will be assigned readings to do on your own time to prepare for the next session. Classroom sessions will be held on an urban homestead in San Clemente and all apiary sites are located within 20 miles of classroom location.  By attending these sessions over 3 months, you will see the vast seasonality involved in beekeeping, and receive hands-on instruction to learn what we can expect each season, what interventions may be required, and how to respond. Your curriculum will include, but is not limited to:

Basics: Bee history, biology, terminology, swarm captures/lures, equipment and tools, different hive designs 

Starting a Hive: Selecting and preparing your apiary site, installing a new hive, honeybee roles, duties, internal hive life cycle

Hive Maintenance: Performing inspections with care, healthy hive indicators, record keeping, seasonal tasks and duties

Honey: When to responsibly harvest honey, how to harvest/package, plants that feed bees, rendering wax, creating value added products

Rescues and Removals: Opportunities to shadow the instructor during rescues and removals, capturing swarms, and removal techniques

Activism: Researching local city restrictions, beekeepers clubs, guerrilla pollinator planting, habitat restoration, native bee hotels, tree hives

Advanced techniques: Splitting hives, identifying disease, to feed or not?, varroa treatment options

Meeting dates are: March 31, April 21st, May 5th, May 12th and May 26th. *Hive inspections are weather permitting*

Students are kindly requested to not miss more than 1 in person session and purchase their own suit for hive inspections.  (Instructor has a handful of suits that can be borrowed/used initially)The apprenticeship will be limited to 10 participants.

In addition to instruction, teas and snacks will be provided for breaks.  Please bring a pack lunch.


The Honeybee Hub also offers onsite education for all!  We've taught in classrooms, with garden club members, at regional farm conferences, local meaderies and more!  Presentations can be tailored to fit the needs of your group, either hands on, demo, interactive or lecture style.