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If you are in need of a bee removal and rescue please call or text (preferred) at 949.342.5084 to schedule a removal of a hive or visit our Rescue page to learn more.

Welcome to the hub!  I am in love with the Honeybees and committed to their survival, not just tomorrow or 10 years from now, but 100 years from now.  

Through hive rescue, population stabilization, research, training, sanctuary creation and activism we are taking a multi-layer approach to a very large problem.  Just as Colony Collapse is the result of many factors, we can make an impact by tackling Honeybee survival on many fronts.

Join the movement! We need everyone as this is more than just a hashtag #savethebees This is a shift in culture and awareness that is needed to not only stabilize the environment but ensure our food supply.  Explore our website how you can become involved.  

Orange County, Calif. based beekeeper Anna Maria Desipris is on a mission to not only rescue hives but spread the word about the critical role bees play in our world. Produced by Rzcreative Productions. We produce video content and photography for brands, agencies and publications working primarily on location and in-studio whenever necessary. See more of our work at:

Based in South Orange County, we are here to help you in your bee guardian journey. Adopting a hive, training in our apprenticeship program or taking an activism stance, let’s work together to make the biggest impact. - Anna Maria

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